• Message In A Bottle

    Message In A Bottle

    an interactive bottle triggers soundscapes and mapped video projections

  • Posture Feedback Pad

    Posture Feedback Pad

    a physical computing project aimed at monitoring a user's sitting behavior

  • Video Puzzle

    Video Puzzle

    an interactive video puzzle created through Processing

  • Suburban Monster

    The Suburban Monster

    an after-fx experiment

  • Live In The Dark

    Live In The Dark

    a stop motion experiment with light, shadows, and color

  • EllaMoss Swimwear

    Ella Moss Swimwear

    a behind the scenes look at the ella moss swimwear launch photoshoot

  • IdentifiedR


    a pre-launch branding piece for identified.com

  • ISoccer


    a promotional piece for iSoccer's National Standards Project

  • Milk


    a television promo for the Academy Award Winning film starring Sean Penn

  • Decisions Decisions

    Decisions Decisions

    a web series about two co-workers who let their imaginations run wild

  • Science of Sleep

    The Science of Sleep

    the trailer for the feature film directed by Michel Gondry

  • Jam - A Documentary Film


    a documentary film about old school roller derby stars trying to revive the sport

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