Movie Trailer Mashups

ITP Spring 2012                                 Reading & Writing Electronic Text


Summary: A “work-in-progress concept” where the ultimate goal is a website where a user can choose a movie, choose a movie genre, and automagically create a trailer for that movie in that genre.  The video here, which is part computer-generated part human-curated, is a demonstration of what we’re working towards.



Process: Collaborating with Miguel Bermudez, we chose the film “Jaws” as our use-case and attempted to computer-generate a “Romantic Comedy” trailer for this film. First, we created a back-end data structure through Python allowing us to deconstruct and rebuild the text of this film (and ideally any other film). Then, we devised a story template for romantic comedies that could be applied to any film. We also built a corpus to computer-generate the voice-over lines.


Research: More extensive documentation for the project can be found in the following blog posts:


RWET: Final – Movie Trailer Mashups

RWET: Rom Com Phrases

RWET: Trailer Mashups – First Attempt at the Auto-Trailer