Story Scramble

ITP Spring 2012                                 Thesis


Summary: is a web-based word game designed for people with cognitive impairment, specifically people dealing with early stage memory loss. The application was conceived and designed in collaboration with the NYC Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage Services Group.  It was also my ITP Master’s Thesis project. The video here is my thesis presentation where I tell “the story of ‘Story Scramble’.”



User Experience: The goal was to create an application that:


  • could be used in a variety of settings including the Association’s group support sessions, their future Memory Loss Center tech room, and independently at home
  • would be age-appropriate (many game sites are geared towards younger demographics)
  • would be manageable and navigable for this demographic
  • offer a positive, engaging, and entertaining experience
  • accommodate a wide-range of cognitive abilities


Technology: Content is being pulled from USA Today via the USA Today API and the stories are being displayed via the Diffbot API. The application is web-based and is using node.js (express) for the back-end,  MongolabDB for the cloud database storage, and heroku servers.

Also, much help was received from John Schimmel and his github repositories.


Future: Add a “creative” log-in process, incorporate tools for measurement, and expand to a platform of games.

All of the code for Story Scramble is available on github at craigprotzel/StoryScramble