The Airing

ITP Fall 2011                                   DIY Health


Summary: “The Airing” is a product concept for a biofeedback meditation ring.  The ring promotes a state of coherence, which is the synchronization of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and breath rate, in a user. The idea came from the merging of Ancient Tibetan Prayer Wheels and the StressEraser Device, which was introduced to me by our professor Steven Dean.



User Experience: ”The Airing” can be worn inactive as a normal meditation ring where the inner band(s) can be spun to encourage calmness.  If “activated,” either through a passive timer or by pressing a button on the ring, sensors on the interior of the ring will begin measuring the user’s pulse and breath rate.  The pulse sensor will determine the wearer’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and encourage a state of coherence by emitting subtle vibrations cueing a user when he or she should inhale and exhale. The ring can be set to turn on for a specific duration at a regular time, multiple times, or at random intervals throughout the day.


Goals: The top level goal of the Airing is to reduce tension during normal daily life.  It does this by encouraging the wearer to breathe at an optimal breath rate through sensory feedback.  In terms of feedback, small vibrations could be used, but light, scent, sound, and texture are also worth consideration.  Ideally, the feedback will be subtle so as not draw any extra attention to the wearer allowing it to naturally embed itself into a wearer’s daily life.


More extensive documentation of this project and the DIY Health class can be found HERE.