interactive projects

  • Lifecycle


    ITP Fall 2011                                   Design For UNICEF   Summary: Lifecycle is a bike kit designed for Northern Uganda emergency transit. It quickly connects two normal bikes and turns them into an emergency transport vehicle. This project was created in collaboration [...]

  • The Airing

    The Airing

    ITP Fall 2011                                   DIY Health   Summary: “The Airing” is a product concept for a biofeedback meditation ring.  The ring promotes a state of coherence, which is the synchronization of Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and breath rate, in a [...]

  • WaterWorld


    an interactive aquarium connects a user to the imagery and sounds of the ocean

  • AR Marker Board

    AR Marker Board

    augmented reality markers determine projection mapped content

  • Message In A Bottle

    Message In A Bottle

    an interactive bottle triggers soundscapes and mapped video projections

  • Posture Feedback Pad

    Posture Feedback Pad

    a physical computing project aimed at monitoring a user's sitting behavior

  • Video Puzzle

    Video Puzzle

    an interactive video puzzle created through Processing