web & mobile projects

  • VFTW

    Video For The Web

    ITP Summer 2013   Summary: VideoForTheWeb.org  is a 4 unit summer course I created and taught at ITP-NYU. Click HERE to go to the class webpage.

  • Story Scramble

    Story Scramble

    ITP Spring 2012                                 Thesis   Summary: StoryScramble.com is a web-based word game designed for people with cognitive impairment, specifically people dealing with early stage memory loss. The application was conceived and designed in collaboration with the NYC Alzheimer’s Association Early Stage [...]

  • Movie Trailer Mashups

    Movie Trailer Mashups

    ITP Spring 2012                                 Reading & Writing Electronic Text   Summary: A “work-in-progress concept” where the ultimate goal is a website where a user can choose a movie, choose a movie genre, and automagically create a trailer for that movie in [...]

  • The Twitter Scorecard

    The Twitter Scorecard

          For my final project in Jer Thorp’s Data Representation class, I explored the nature of tweets in relation to live sports. I worked on a concept for an app this past summer (summer of 2011) called “Tailgate” (formerly “Huddl”) that would provide users with curated twitter feeds for live sporting events on tv. During [...]

  • Patience


    an aid for physical therapy with real time visual and audio feedback

  • MemoLink


    a web-based application designed for people with Early Stage Alzheimers